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Popet, Laura (West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, Department) ; Lacrama, Ana-Maria (of Chemisry, Pestalozzi 16, Timisoara 300115, ROMANIA) ; Isvoran, Adriana (West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, Department) ; Ostafe, Vasile (West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, Department)

Abstract: The effect of the microwave on the enzyme activity is an appealing research subject with many applications. The roots of Taraxacum officianle is a rich source for catalase. The enzyme can be easily extracted by homogenization in phosphate buffer. The optimal pH for enzyme activity was 7, at an optimal concentration of H2O2 around 50 mM. The optimal temperature interval for the assays was between 30 - 40°C. In these conditions the KM was 105 mM. The influence of the irradiation of the enzymatic extract with different microwave powers for different interval of time was assessed. The inactivation of catalase from taraxacum roots increase when the irradiation time is raised from 30 till 120 s. At microwave powers until 640 W the inactivation of enzyme is less than 50% from the initial activity. There were not observed any post-radiation phenomena (like further inactivation or re-activation).

Keyword(s): catalase ; Taraxacum officinale ; microwave radiation ; enzyme inactivation

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